於2002年,香港面對日益惡化的失業情況,自殺與家庭暴力增多,社會悲觀情緒蔓延,因此於2002年4月創立「教會關注失業行動」向教會和社會人士籌募經費,創造超逾1,000個創業和就業職位,並成立教會關注失業行動支援熱線2755 5511,為失業人士提供情緒支援及擇業輔導。同時亦支持多間基督教機構,包括工業福音團契、基督教勵行會、新福事工協會等,開展不同形式之失業支援計劃,以幫助各區低下階層之失業人士就業。期間亦於東九龍區、深水埗區、東涌區和港島中西區,成立失業支援關懷網絡。



In 2002, unemployment was worsening in Hong Kong; along with a rise in suicidal and domestic violence cases; while a pessimistic sentiment prevailed across the society. Hence, in April 2004, the Church Campaign For the Unemployed was set up to raise funds from churches and the public to create more than 1,000 jobs and start-up business opportunities. A hotline 27555511 was also launched to offer emotional support and career counselling for the unemployed. Support was also given to various Christian organizations including Industrial Evangelistic Fellowship, Christian Action, Mission To New Arrivals Ltd etc. for the provision of various schemes and services to help grassroots people who are out of work. A Support Network for the Unemployed was also set up in East Kowloon, Shamshuipo, Tung Chung and the Central and Western District.

By early 2005, the employment situation in Hong Kong improved, but the gap between the rich and the poor continued to widen. To arouse concern for the poverty issue among churches, a seminar on showing concern for poor families in Hong Kong was held in January 2005 for pastors and church workers, followed by a press conference. Churches were called on to help the poor break the inter-generational poverty. For example, by allowing access to their venues to poor children, providing free tuitions and social activities for the children, and other partnership schemes, etc. The event won strong support from various sectors. In April 2006, the Church Campaign For the Unemployed was formally renamed the Hong Kong Church Network for the Poor.




僱主登記:1,989個 成功入職:898人 求職登記表:2,089人



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