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Since our book in Chinese was first issued two years ago in 2020, we have received many inquiries about how to build an effective network and how to transform our community. We started to review all the work with our key partners and identified the success factors in our ministry. Through the process, we were able to illustrate the different network phases in a community and I am excited to share with you what we have compiled so far. With 1,000 partners in the city, there is so much we can do to multiply for His Kingdom. Let’s learn to build His Kingdom together, one step at a time! Building a network in a district requires a strategic plan and God’s guidance in starting with the right convenor. 


Recommended by:

  • Rev Li Ping Kwong, SBS Chairman of the Hong Kong Church Network for the Poor

"The personal experiences that Susanna earned from toiling for the impoverished and connecting different Christian institutes together are not just theories, but a living testament based on practice. For this reason,
it is highly recommended to give the book a good read."


  • Dr Ricky Szeto Wing Fu, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Hung Fook Tong Group Holdings Limited

"In the early days, Christians mingled together and made everything a public resource. If we are willing to share, especially those resources not currently in use, opportunities for the needy will be created. Shifting from ownership to right to use, this is a fundamental belief which the author subscribes to as a housekeeper in the Kingdom of God."


  • Rev Edmund Chan, Leadership Mentor, Global Alliance of Intentional Disciplemaking Churches

"Three things define a leader - clarity, courage and compassion. And Susanna Ma has written with all three distinctives! She writes with clarity to foster collaboration, with courage to champion community transformation, and with compassion to serve the poor and marginalised. It is a worthwhile book to read!"


  • Rev Dr John Snelgrove, Founding Pastor, The Vine Church

"This book is a 'must read' for all that desire to grasp God's heart for the poor. It also is a biblical and practical 'how to' for those of us committed to do something about it. I strongly recommend Christians everywhere to devour its contents and to act on what we read!"


Table of content:

Chapter 1: What is the significance of network in caring for the poor?

* Poverty in Hong Kong
* The role of Christian communities in caring for the poor
* The church participating in social care


Chapter 2: Why do Christians need to collaborate in caring for the poor?

* Partnership in The Bible
* Exploring the theological aspect of partnerships
* Poverty alleviation in the Bible
* Resistance against collaboration


Chapter 3: How can we partner with others?

* A. Owning a shared vision
* B. Qualities of trustworthy Christian leader
* C. Developing a loving relationship
* D. Networking and social capital
* Transforming passion into action and becoming a light in the communities
* Work and Pray Together as a Network


Chapter 4: What can we learn from collaboration?

* Collaboration reveals the grace of the Lord - Rev Li Ping Kwong, SBS
* Collaboration shows us we are not alone – Dr Choi Yuen Wan Philemon
* Collaboration to build social capital – Dr Szeto Wing Fu Ricky
* Collaboration is a joyful matter to God – Pastor Lee Bing Nam
* Collaboration is a win-win solution – Ms Gigi Tung
* Collaboration transforms thoughts into action, voice out for the underprivileged – Ms Tang Shui Man Sheren
* Mission OF disadvantaged youth - Dr. Ray Bakke and his son Brian Bakke
* Collaboration is sharing the riches of the Kingdom of God – Dr Susanna Ma


Chapter 5: How do we work together in blessing our community?

* HKCNP blessing our community together with various partners
* Challenges encountered in HKCNP and ways to resolve them
* The development and future of the HKCNP collaboration network


Chapter 6: A new chapter of multiplication

* Case sharing: Implementing KABCD in Yau Ma Tei District
* Case sharing: Implementing KABCD in Shui Chuen O (Shatin District) area
* Starting KABCD in other districts
* KABCD in Christian Fellowship
* God’s miracle


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