To partners involved in the Caring for the Poor Movement, kindly choose the following options to donate for community transformation and respond to the needs!



























Suggested donation options for your reference:
Operations and Administration Office expenditure, Staff salary, etc. It is recommended to donate HKD $200,000 to support HKCNP's monthly operational expenses, which support a total of 9.5 staff and more than 1,070 partners.
101010 and 1017 "Fast-a-Meal" Caring for the Poor Movement HKCNP Community service and partners It is recommended to encourage participants to fast a meal, save lunch money, and donate HKD $10 (or multiples) to support HKCNP and partners to serve the community
Love in Action Love Prepaid Meal Coupon
  • A donation of HKD $30 is equivalent to one unit (i.e. one meal coupon). It is recommended to donate a minimum of HKD $1,200 (which equals to 40 coupons) to support the grassroots community physically and mentally, and to allow them to feel cared and beloved.
  • A suggested donation of HKD $6,000 to support a church's pilot project that utilizes the Love Prepaid Meal Coupon to reach out to the community and neighbors, and engage in long-term relationships and pastoral care for the future.
Love in Action "A Cup of Cold Water" HKCNP Emergency Relief Fund

It is recommended to donate HKD $5,000 to support the expenses of families affected by the pandemic. 

Love in Action Y Carecation Vacation Accommodation Offer

It is recommended to donate HKD $600 (per family, per room), to allow partner churches to walk alongside the beneficiaries, and for them to "relax", "rest" and feel "peace" from their difficult situation. At the same time, they can receive companionship and care from the church. 

Love in Action Social Caring Volunteer Coupon Subsidy Program A donation of HKD $50 is the basic donation unit (equivalent to one hour of volunteer subsidy). It is recommended to donate a minimum amount of $2,500 (the monthly maximum amount of volunteer subsidy), or $7,500 to support volunteers for three-months. 
Love in Action Space Sharing with computer for learning It is recommended to donate HKD $9,000 to assist the church to prepare appropriate resources and open space for grassroots individuals to receive equal educational opportunities. 
Mentoring Children Development Fund (CDF) Program
  • A donation of HKD $200 can sponsor a youth's savings matching fund for a month;
  • A donation of $2,400 can sponsor a youth's savings matching fund for one year;
  • A donation of $4,800 can sponsor a savings matching fund for the youth's program. 
Mentoring Post-CDF Program A donation of HKD $2,000 can sponsor one grassroots youth to participate in and complete the Post-CDF Program for two years.
Mentoring YUM Church Youth Community Organizer Program A monthly donation of HKD $5,000 can provide support for youths to participate in a three-month Community Organizer Program. Through this program, the HKCNP empowers churches to bring more resources into the community, serving grassroots individuals while nurturing the growth of young people. This allows young individuals to reshape their spirit and transform their lives through the process of community service. 

Bank transfer or Deposit

Credit in HSBC account: 168-523-470-838 The Hong Kong Church Network for the Poor Company Ltd.
FPS ID: 2334688

Cheque payable to “The Hong Kong Church Network For The Poor Company Ltd”

Please send the cheque or bank receipt with receipt name, contact person name, mobile phone no., email address & postal address to

Email:  /
fax:   3013 8950 /
WhatsApp:6760 2025 /
P.O. Box 88427, Sham Shui Po Post Office, Kowloon

Download donation form (Chinese only)
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*Tax donation receipt available for donation HK$100 or above. The donation receipt will be issued within 3 months after receiving the donation.

For donation $5,000 or above, free gift of one of below books (please specify name of the book you want) (while stock lasts).

由 1 到 726 結網轉化攻略

1 to 1,000 Partners in Transformational Network



貧窮 同行 轉化

Journey with the Poor to Transformation

鉅細無遺的服事 — 師友同行的理論與堂會實踐模式