PeaceBox 2024 (English Version)

2024 The PeaceBox Blessing Campaign will launch a large-scale box-building event. The Peacebox Launching Ceremony will be held on Mar 17, 2024, at 3:00 p.m. at Mikiki Mall. There will also be many interactive games and booths!

2024 PeaceBox Promotion video

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2023 PeaceBox throw back videos:

PeaceBox large scale box building and kick off event

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PeaceBox sharing videos

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CONNECT - Loving & Caring Hearts
Let's join hands to CONNECT everyone with LOVE! Especially extending it to our neighbourhoods who are with needs. 

You are welcome to join the PeaceBox campaign and deliver your blessings around our city in Hong Kong.
Theme of 2024: LIGHT


2024 Activity Timeline

Jan: Registration & Promotion
Feb: Registration & Donations & collecting PeaceBox gift packs & items
Mar: PeaceBox delivery
Mar - Apr: Giving out PeaceBox gift packs



Group participation registration:

* Join us by collecting PeaceBox: You can start with collecting shoe boxes or A4 paper boxes as gift containers. Moreover, you can stack up the boxes in your church/school/workplace to encourage others to participate as a team.  This year we hope to see that 200 local churches and 50 schools can join this event together.

* Join us by giving out PeaceBox: Share your love by visiting underprivileged people with well-packed Peacebox gift packs.

Group A:  1) Churches  2) Corporates / NGOs   3) Schools

Group B:  1) Churches 2) Other groups (HKCNP reserves the final decision.)

It's possible to join groups A and B. Group registration: Please register before 29 Feb 2024.


Below are promotional materials for 2024 PeaceBox as references.

Click here to download PeaceBox 2024 Poster

Click here to download PeaceBox 2024 Blessing card

Click here to download PeaceBox 2024 PeaceBox Sticker

Click here to download PeaceBox 2024 Rollup Banner

Click here to download PeaceBox 2024 Powerpoint presentation

Click here to see PeaceBox 2024 A4 promotion flyer


How to donate money or gifts?

* Online donation: You can go to the PeaceBox website to purchase PeaceBox gift packs. Your PeaceBox gift packs will be distributed to the grassroots in need through local churches and NGO networks. 

Click here to donate!! 

* Physical participation: Collecting PeaceBox gifts. 

Donation items guideline:

  • All donated items must be brand new. If the item does not require additional packaging, it does not need to be placed in a special box. If they are loose, they can also be packed in cartons.
  • Write messages on PeaceBox blessing cards or your own ones and then put them into your gift boxes. They will be given out together with your donations.
  1. Distributing PeaceBox gifts: All registered organizations will be receiving PeaceBox gift packs/items in March. All the PeaceBox gifts should be given out during Easter in April.

Encourage you to view the promotion video of PeaceBox 2021:

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Do's and Don'ts of donations:

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Encourage you to view the throwback video of PeaceBox 2021:

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Please visit PeaceBox official website for more information:

Online donation:

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us (Mr. Ethan Chu) Phone or email: 36899810 /

Sharing photos and Facebook post:

【Connect with partner churches and unite to bless the community】

Thanks to the partnership with Harvest Mission Community Church (HMCC), a partner international church, nearly 56 people from the church were mobilized yesterday to participate in community service in various districts. They shared that the church hopes to go out to serve during Sunday worship, so that brothers and sisters can not only listen to God's words, but actually live out God's words!

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